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Choosing Modern Swimwear for Your Baby

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Summer is fun for you and your baby, so you need modern baby swimwear. Health professional and doctors recommend swimming for babies from one month onwards. There is no need to wait for what was thought of in the past, that baby needs to have their two month immunisations first. The earlier a baby is introduced to the swimming pool, is conducive to teaching them how to swim early on in age. Baby needs to be appropriately dressed in swimwear.

Swimwear for newborns younger than three months is rather hard to come by. Most manufacturers start their swimwear sizes anywhere between three and twelve months, which is okay because babies younger than that are better off swimming au natural. For the older babies and toddlers there are a good number of swimwear choices available.

Swim Diapers

One potential issue that used to keep parents from bringing babies into the swimming pool was the worry about what would happen if the child had an “accident” in the water. While it was really never that much of an issue (pool chlorination is intended to combat exactly this sort of problem), parents would refrain from bringing their babies to public pools for fear of the embarrassment this would cause and were reluctant to bring them into their own pools if they did not know what steps would need to be taken in the event of a solid waste accident. With the advent of swim diapers, those fears no longer need to prevent a child from going in the water.

Swim diapers are polyurethane lined with cotton cloth. Machine washable and dryable, they are the perfect answer for parents who are concerned that their babies may relieve themselves while in the pool. Available from many stores and online retailers, swim diapers typically cost anywhere from ten to fifteen dollars.

Flotation Devices

The most popular and effective children’s floatation devices are the “water wings” that slide over the arms and keep the child afloat and free to splash and play in the water. These are, unfortunately, not suitable for children under twelve months. There are floatation devices designed for younger babies, but the general recommendation is that babies that age stay with the parents unless being taught to swim (swim classes for babies can start as early as twelve weeks).

Swimsuits and Trunks

You can find baby swimwear in many styles, including the full body tanks and the trunks as worn by children who are older and adults. You can buy one or two piece swimsuits for girls. Most importantly, you should remember that baby’s skin needs proper sunscreen as they are very sensitive so should be well protected at all times, especially in the pool.