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Parenting Teenagers Today

Monday, April 16th, 2012

The thought of parenting a teenager today is enough to make some people think that maybe they don’t want children at all. Parenting teens is often filled with turmoil and stress.

The first thing a parent needs to recognize is that the focus for teen parenting is different than raising a child. The child needs to learn the basics, so to speak, the ‘how to’ of life: reading, social skills and such. They need to learn how to become independent while conforming to a group.

Parenting, then, becomes a fine line to walk between letting the teen make decisions that can affect the rest of his life and establishing and maintaining guidelines as they make those choices. This is no easy feat. The parents need to evaluate the guidelines to determine whether they are in place for the teen’s sake or for their own needs.

Parenting the child means having total control over all of the child’s aspects of life. Parenting the teenager means letting go of that control. This in itself is scary for many parents.

The key to parenting the teenager is recognizing that while there will be conflict; it does not have to be destructive. There are many things the parent can do that will allow the teen the freedom she needs while still preserving the boundaries and values that will keep her protected.

The parents of teens need also remember that despite what their teen may say, they one of the greatest influences in their teens life. It is therefore absolutely necessary that the parents spend as much time as possible with their teen. So be certain to spend quality time with the teenager listening to what she has to say. Don’t react with shock or disapproval at the things they say. Instead ask them how they feel and why.

Parents need to help the teenager evaluate what the consequences in the future might be from the choices they make. Parents also need to share their own values and why they feel the way they do during these conversations.

So parent of a teenager do not despair. Rather that dreading this time in your child’s life, remember that your job as her parent is to prepare her for life on her own. There is no greater reward than that.

Important Parenting Tips

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Parenting is a subject that drives intense emotion, raises important questions and is unique to each family. Parenting means different things to different people. Good parenting requires a lot of time, intense work, and persistence. To become a good parent doesn’t just only mean as having the ability to discipline your child, but you discipline yourself as well to become a good parent who knows everything about your child. But truly, what are the qualities of a good parent and how do we acquire them? Here are some useful parenting tips for you.

Some would say it is a learned skill that we acquire from our parents on how they raised us until we become the person we are now. Some would suggest that taking parenting classes can help an individual develop parenting skills which some of us might be unaware of, and so on and so forth. Each one of us has different views regarding parenting.

Whether parenting class or some other techniques are in mind or not, good parenting is viewed differently from person to person. Truly, the idea of good parenting is about being able to support the child’s development. A child would reflect good parenting in all features in his or her life if the parents use good parenting. Wrong parenting, on the other hand, would yield sub ideal results for the child. Eventually, the best indicator of the effectiveness of a parenting technique are the children who have grown into that system.

There are a number of sites in the Internet nowadays that are dispensing free advice for successful parenting. Not letting your children run your life is one vital offer that you could possibly receive. You are the parent hence you must set limits to keep everybody in harmony with each other.

Another crucial advice that you could possibly get is how to listen to each other, because listening is the first part of communication, and that a screaming battle could not make things better. When your child starts to shout, make known to him or her that you will not continue the dialogue unless he or she cools down.

Even tougher is being a single parent dealing with your own child alone. What you may be able take for granted as a married person will be gone if you’re thinking of single parenting. Problems like not having time for yourself will occur in the long run.

If you know yourself and your children, single parenting can be a piece of cake. Keeping the communication lines open is a key factor in a single parent household because in some cases a child might need an adult to talk to.

These are some of the important parenting tips, as a parent, should know. Keep these tips in mind, do what you need to do, and take good care of your child. With different kind of parents come different parenting skill. But whatever type of parenting you practice, the most important thing of all is that you raise your children to be good persons, and that they succeed in all aspects in their lives.