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Post Pregnancy Workout – Good Foods For Weight Loss

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

The good foods are the unprocessed foods that provide you with great nutritional value. They provide you with protein, good fats, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that are very essential for a healthy nutrition. Your diet should mostly consist of these types of food.

* Poultry, fish, eggs, and lean meats: These foods are high in protein, contain all the essential amino-acids, and most of the times, are great sources of Zinc, Selenium, Vitamins B6 and B12, Iron, and others.
* Vegetables: They are always recommended in any diet. They have a rich content of nutrition and provide a lot of vitamins and minerals that complement those found in both red and white meat. Most vegetables are low in calories, high in fiber, and take up a lot of space in your stomach. So if you are looking to lose weight after pregnancy, these can be great as they make you less hungry and allow you to limit the consumption of junk foods.
* Fruits: They are usually not very high in calories, and help fill you up fast. Making sure to get several servings of fruit a day might satisfy your sugar craving and provide you with the minerals, vitamins, fiber, and enzymes you need.
* Low fat dairy: These foods are relatively high in easily absorbed protein and provide some vitamins and minerals, especially Calcium. These foods would include cottage cheese, milk, and fat-free yogurt. Try to avoid the yogurts with fruits at the bottom as they are filled with sugar additives and not much fruit.
* Healthy fats: These come from nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews, etc…, avocados, fish oil, flax seed, and extra virgin olive oil. These fats are helpful in maintaining good cardiovascular health and keeping both cholesterol and inflammation levels low.
* Whole grains and similar: Oats, brown pasta, brown rice, etc… are some of the best sources for carbohydrates. They also provide you with fiber and some vitamins and minerals. Compared to their white versions, whole grains have a lower chance of turning into fat stored by the body.

These foods are the cornerstone of healthy nutrition. They cover all the bases needed, and making sure to start consuming them while reducing your intake of processed foods is perfect to lose weight after pregnancy and to include as part of your post pregnancy workout.

Understanding Dental Health & Healthy Babies

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Healthy baby teeth allow your children to chew food easily, learn to speak properly, and start life with a healthy smile. Do you want your children to maintain those healthy gleaming pearly whites when they grow older? As a parent, you should know the importance of dental health and healthy babies.

General hygienists know the value of good oral health which is why they encourage women to visit the dentist before they become pregnant. Likewise, it is highly recommended to encourage and keep good oral health in women who are thinking about having a baby. Dental problems are common during pregnancy and it has been estimated that over 75% of all women suffer from gingivitis and/or gum infections, the worst part about this type of diseases is that they are virtually painless so a pregnant woman may not be fully aware about the fact that their dental condition may be hurting their baby.

Complementary studies have shown that women with gum disease have a higher incidence of preterm low weight babies, obviously the better shape your mouth is thin before a woman becomes pregnant and less chances she will have a having a severe gingivitis which may affect the overall health of the baby.

Today’s dentists are trained to look at the big picture as the mouth can show telltale signs of eating disorders, bone problems, diabetes and cancer, plus some research have linked gum disease to stroke, heart disease, pneumonia and more. There are so many links that have recently been discovered that it is imperative for the dentist considered not only oral health at one’s overall health.

While a visit to the dentist is no substitute for a general checkup many diseases and conditions can be discovered and treated at an early stage because of the results shown after an oral exam. The mouth is said to be a mirror image of what it’s really going on with the rest of the body so keeping a healthy mouth goes hand-in-hand with a healthy body and also with the ability of women to give birth to healthy babies.

Previous studies have shown that bacteria which is found in a person’s mouth is able to interact with other organs after being transported by the bloodstream which is why constant bleating of the mouth should be treated at an early stage in order to prevent heart conditions, stroke and the many other diseases we have previously mentioned. Taken in consideration of this last statement will create a better understanding of the reason why having good oral health will dramatically increase the chances of women to deliver healthy babies.

Your baby’s teeth start to develop even before she is born. When your baby is about 6 to 9 months old, the milk tooth will normally start to appear. Take care of your baby’s deciduous teeth as if they were gold. You should take your child to the dentist by age one so the dentist can examine your child for decay risk and educate you on the latest in preventative care.