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Shopping Tips for Baby Shower Gift

Monday, October 8th, 2012

If you have been invited to a family member or a close friend’s baby shower, you need to keep a few shopping tips in mind to help you find the right gift. And while there is no denying that shopping for baby shower gifts is fun and exciting, you have to be certain you will end up buying something that will suit the occasion. One of these shopping tips is to ask the mom or parents-to-be whether they are expecting a baby girl or boy. You would not want to end up buying a set of powder blue bibs and booties and find out during the party that your friend is expecting a girl. Usually parents-to-be indicate the gender of their baby in the baby shower invitations they send out but if they don’t, you need to give them a call and ask.

Traditional baby gifts: Practical and traditional baby gifts will never go wrong. A baby layette is a popular traditional gift for baby shower. (New baby tends to outgrow 0-3 months size range clothes very quickly, you may choose bigger size of layette for 12-18 months.). Infant toys are another good choice, like rattles, soft dolls, music toys, crib toys, play mats, and play saucer are all perfect baby gifts. Nursery essential furniture is a more expensive traditional baby gift. You may choose crib, changing table, dresser, pocking chair, diaper caddy, toy box, rug, or music play.

Trendy baby gifts: Fashion has toddled into the arena of baby products. Like designer baby clothing. Or you may go “Green”, organic baby products are now found in many baby items, such as clothing, bedding, skin products, and cleaning products. Or Baby Einstein’s CDs and DVDs on baby sign language are really help new baby to communicate with the world as early as 12 months old. The new parents will appreciate these thoughtful gift ideas.

Baby gift with theme: If you want your gift to be eye-catching and give a punch to the party, you may choose or create a unique baby gift to match baby shower theme. Such as baby gift baskets, diaper cakes, or clothes bouquets are all good choices. Usually these baby gifts are filled with baby essentials, very practical, and presented in matching gift boxes, buckets, or beautiful baskets. Don’t forget to check the quality of the product.

How to Choose the Right Skin Care Products for Your Baby

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Picking the right type of skin care products for your baby is very important because a baby’s skin is much more sensitive and delicate compared to an adult. For a start, you can choose products that are specially formulated for babies. The ingredients used in these products are milder compared with regular products, so the chances of your little ones getting rashes or other types of skin irritations are greatly reduced.

However, there are still chances that your child will get skin irritations even when using baby care products. Different products will have different types of ingredients in them, and some even have colorings and fragrances added in an attempt by manufacturers to make the products more attractive to boost sales.

If your baby starts developing skin irritations, the first thing you need to do is inspect the products used. Read the ingredients label to see if the products contain any coloring or chemicals that may be the cause of the problem. The easiest way is to switch to another totally different brand to see if the problem persists.

You may want to consider switching to all natural skin care products for your child which is much safer to use. You still need to be careful when choosing all natural products because even some so called natural products have chemicals added in to make it more marketable.

Besides skin care products, you have to be careful with the products used to clean your baby’s clothes. There are also detergents sold in the market which are specially formulated for washing kids’ clothes. Make sure that the clothes are all washed thoroughly to remove any traces of detergents and chemicals.